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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Banknifty View For !.07.2011

The Nifty and Banknifty enetered into a strong Resistance zone.The Nifty Spot today touched the days high of 657.90 and the hurdle it has in 659 and 688.The Nifty many time failed in attempts to cross this hurdle in the recent past.Being a F&O closing today nifty & banknifty was traded in a narrow range and tomorrow trend will be decided the market direction from here.During the market closing the nifty jumped up from its day low 5603 to653(jun-future) but the profit booking was seen in nifty longs.

The Banknifty usually jumps up 200 points easily was struck in range bound last 3 days.We are even unable to make out intraday trades as it was very choppy.The Banknifty Now has very tough hurdle in 11320 level.The SBI gone to 2400 level and many other Banks also went up now we expect the short term profit booking in all these counters.The intraday chart showing a mixed pattern.The Bn jun future touched a days low of 11146 and jumped up and broken the earlier high and touched the days high of 11266.85.

The Nifty and banknifty now in overbought zone.The indicators shows a '-'ive divergence and yet we need to see the same in the price as it was not yet shown weakness.In the coming sessions we need to observe catiously as the profit booking+fresh selling may be there.If it happens the price may fall and nifty breking down 602 and Bn down to 11110 level will confirm the weakness.Till such time it will crawl side ways.

The inflation and the Greece Debt crisis etc will have the impact on our market soon or latter.It is better to avoid long now if nifty cross the 5700 level than the context in that time may change.We also noticed the DII's are almost selling every day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Banknifty View for 29.06-2011

Chart analysis by- yesterday)

Today-Intraday chart

The Market witnessed a relief rally and the bulls all of certain took up the power from the bears from last Friday.Today the Bn opened in gap up and fell down to the days low to 10990 after touched the day's high of 11134.60 level and afterwards it was in sideways and the whole day was choppy.During market closing it moved up and near 11080 it faced hurdle and fell down to 11060 level.

Today nifty future touched the days high of 5558 and gone to the days low of 5491.We have mentioned the nifty has support in 5480 but today it held well as the selling pressure was not enough to push it down.On the same time the nifty was unable to move up above 5550 level.Most of the time it was trading in between the 5510-530 level.

The Nifty and bank nifty now facing multiple hurdles and any time it can go down to fill the earlier gaps left in last week.The Nifty moving down to 480/440 bring more selling pressure as it is now reached the over bought zone.Last few days it seems the Short roll over to next month was more and coming Thursday the F&O closing ,so the market may slide down.yesterday due to the diesel price hike the Oil companies shown bullishness and today it was reversed.

In coming weeks we expect the Bn to go's down to 10600 level.The nifty may not cross the 5605 level.Above this level nifty has strong hudle in 5659 level.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Banknifty View for 28.06.2011

The market gave a utter shock to all the bears from last Friday onwards.From 10445 low on friday to 11094 high of today.The FII's buys made this uncertain pull up rally.Today it opened in gap down and traded near 10820 level and zoomed up in no time to 10900 + levels.Where it shown weakness and consolidated again jumped up to 11k levels.We have skipped longs as the market seems still not come to the normal mode.As we aware when the rise of peaks the vally also deepen near by.Our market situation now is a similar kind.

The Nifty shown a head and shoulder formation during april 3rd week when Nifty was near 5900+ level.This formation is still in act as the market faced a down fall.Now the 5605 may act as major res.if move above this level we need to negate this HNS formation as the neck line will be brake up.Till such time this indicates bearisness.Today nifty was findind difficult to cross the 5550 level as it traded well most of the time between 5520-40 level.The nifty break down 5480 may bring more selling and may reverse this rally.

The Banknifty is shown so many jumps up and left running gaps.The SBI jump to 2300 level took up tis index we expect before F&O closing the market will be back to the reality.It may not sustain in the higher levels.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Banknifty View For Monday

The Indian market is the place for uncertainty.The Unexpected "U" Turn made every one stunned.How ever we follow technical aspects of it , it is not enough.The Fundamental also one need to look out.Today The FII'S activity is more, that caused this un expected rally.Today In NSE&BSE The Net buy of FII's is Rs.3682.65 crores Vs.Net sell of Rs.2792.21 crores.It is not easy to predict the FII"s market behavior when/Why they buy/sell.?? Last week the Nifty future touched a low of 5182 and today it gone near to 5400 when every one out there expect a fall down to 5000 level.We are also not excluded in this preview.

Yesterday we covered our STBT short in Nifty and Banknifty ,when the market opened in Gap down.Today we were unable stay back the whole day as the acute power cut here.Today we made no trade as far as the intraday is concerned.But positionally we have done Short In Bn.The BN yesterday touched a days low of 10445 and today it jumped to 10900 level . From its opening it didn't give chance to any one -for a sell and buy.Many stood away due to the fear of going long and holding it for 2 days overnight position.

We see the post market analysis the market was broken out ,when the global markets are bleeding in red.This happened due to the FII's participation and also the F&O closing nearing and made most of the short holders to cover short at loss.Now ,when we see the tech view the 10541 to 611 gap is left unfilled ...if this rally is a pseudo one , on coming Monday to Wednesday or Thursday the BN has to do the 'Island of reversal' to fill the gaps in Nifty and Banknifty.

The Reliance& SBi + other banks are fueled this rally.The July premium was reduced due to the short rollover.Many traders are in short and the market volume were less in last few days and today it gone up as the panic short covering gone high.Whatever it is, the market is still not stable to go long.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Banknifty view

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Banknifty View for 23.06.2011

The Indian economy or the market both seems a kind of slow down!!The market today behaved back to normal.The whole day it was in between the walls of a tunnel.We made a conservative trade and gained about 90 points in 3 trades each trades and also holding shorts in Banknifty.We expect the banknifty may slip down to 10300.Today it opened in gap up but the day high 10561 not much trading traded well below 530 level and not able to stand still above 10541 level.This level the banknifty resist as the selling start pouring in.The banknifty touched a low of 10445.We gave a target at 448when we sold near 500 and it really tested our patience longer time today as it was crawling in side ways finally this target was done.

Our Nifty positional clients are still holding short from 5610 level.We also done many swing trade and made nearly 450+ points already in nifty and still holding partial short for expecting a fall near 5130 level.The Nifty today was broken out its day high and break down its day low..and the premium now shrunken that indicates weakness.

There are many value buy in stocks can be done at this level..One can visit our SEED site to know further about value buy and our stock selection.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Banknifty View for 22.06.2011

The Banknifty and Nifty was it fooled everyone today from the opening 10549 it fell down to 520 level and from 540 it consistently went up again and again and touched days high of 10679 was showing technically buy but we sold right from 560 to 750.Sell on every rise as we know the market is foul playing.We covered one buy one our short's when it fall down...last short we were holding and finally covered with profits..In no time the Bn fell down to 10445 level.We missed more than 100 points in addition to the normal gain.The positional short again we made in 620 level and placed buy in 448 that was also bought surprisingly.

The Nifty today was seen buying and that only made it to touch 5320 level.The opening high was shown at 5371 but we have not seen it was traded in that level.

The Europe region is still not in a good state economically.The Greece bailout was done by the help of German and UK...But still the Europe union may face adverse economical crisis.

The market now try to hold itself from a free fall.Avoid fresh longs also don't go short at the lower levels.The next month banknifty and nifty still trading in higer premium and the F&O closing is nearing so play safe.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Banknifty View for 21.06.2011

In spite of our caution many amateurs traders who is not our clients who went long in Banknifty called us today when the market gave them utter shock..!! It really shook many new bee's who doesn't know what is future trading and yet they are greedy to make money.The today market really shook them all.We helped them to extend possible and minimized their loss.

In a spur of the moment the Banknifty fell down sharply from 10600 to 10335.This happened in no time before one blink his eye's/Such a speed like a bullet it fell down.We are here to help many new BEE's and write our preview about the indian market.If one would have diligently follow this blog for last 2 weeks one would have skiped this loss and made a huge profit.We were selling the banknifty right from 10900 and today opening we just place buy in 10468 in no time this order was executed.Made about 440 points in 3 weeks.All our positional client 's made a profit of 100X440= Rs.44,000/- This will happen when one knew how to align their position according to market pulse.

Today, we made good gain in intraday as well.Friday we sold Bn near 10620 and today we covered in 540 level and also made 4 trade and made about 200 points in intraday itself.The positional clients also re-sold in 610 and re-bought at 480 and made another 90+ points.This is what the excellence in "Art of day trading".

I wrote in one of my older post's...

"On the left side nothing is right and on the right side nothing is right"

It became true today. As the Nifty touched the days low of 5182 from days high of 5379.What else to be said....

The indian market is not having the backbone of its own.Hence its dances as per the tunes of the FII's.When they sell the market slide down and when they buy the market moves up.However one is strong enough in Technical & Fundamental Analysis it is not enough.One need to be expert also in the Macro economics.That can only make us to guide better.We simply observe the FII's activity.Last year the FII's invested about 28 Billion dollars in our market and during Nov&Dec-2010 started selling and our market fell down and they started buying during this year Feb-2011 and market gone to 6000 levels..Now past 4 weeks they again selling about 2 billions and now the market sliding...still it may slide down.We expect the Nifty will go's down to 4900 level.

The regulatory authorities (Watch Dog) like SEBI need to have some more measure to control our market and it has to stand on its own backbone..will it happen? This should happen any of this uncertainty due to FII"s buy or sell is not good for our market and our people won't make money than is my concern.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Banknifty View for 17.6.2011

Many of our readers stunned after reading our yesterday's post.Mainly our seed clients were shown their fear as they invested money in our SEED Tips.We are here to reflect the market reality time to time.When a investor invest money in Blue chip company's they need to worry much about.

All our SEED clients need not to worry we are invested in value based stocks.if the market fall down our scrip's done the reverse.For ex.- The TTK prestige is bullish right from Rs.600 to 2800 still it is moving up only.Where us if you buy a stock like Reliance based on Tv news/rumors that must be avoided.Every one knew in the market the Reliance is struggle to move beyond Rs.1000.Not only that it is a heavy weighted stock that pull down the index futures too.Long term investor actually be ready anytime to buy a value based stock in market when market fall.It is a boon time for investors when market fall drastically they can bottom fish with our guidance.

i wish every one who read this post,must read our yesterdays post.too.Today the market gave a shock to many , who were long in banknifty and Nifty index future's/Both these index fell down sharply and didn't give a chance.The Bn opened gap down about 80 points and nifty about 150 points.The nifty opened in 5406.We were cautioning many time do not remain long.

Today was a jackpot day for all our clients as we could made 7 trade and made 200 +points in intraday itself that too without single stop loss hit.We have devised a new strategy and made so many sell right from 10555 to720 and won.All our experience over 8 years in stock market made this possible even sailing smooth in a storm.

In our view the market from yesterday shown a clear direction on the down side.Now nifty may touch 5369 level.if break down this 369 market may free fall once again.The bulls have hope only above 5466 and beyond.Down to this level the market slide.The Bn today touched 10535 level we asked all our positional clients to initiate sell right from 10900 level and gave a proposed target of 10440 another 100 points left to achive this.Today bn moved up erratically from 610 to 745 level but unable to sustain and during closing it fell back to 10570 level that shows the Bn is not strong/stable to sustain in higher level.The RBI rate hike seems a burden for corporates and mainly the reality industry have direct '-' ive impact.On the other hand the domestic auto and allied industry growth will be affected.At present india is one of the top most consumers as far as Auto&telecom sectors.Many corporate's now seems to worry to un-burden their corporate taxes.

This repo rate hike actually favor the banks and strengthen its fundamental.The fiscal deficit is still not in a good state although the food inflation shown marginal appreciation...but the fuel price up&up is going to wipe all these and put as aside.we need more expertise in our economy to resolve all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Banknifty view for 16.6.2011

The market is just started showing its real coluors..what we have seen is just the tip of an 'iceberg'.The jim rogers says the US is preparing for another recession in 2years.Among the world markets indian market seems to be better as it purely depend on its domestic growth unlike other nation.The current GDP and inflation is disappointing ...yet in a long term view its good.But we need to remember one thing in our market is not completely de-coupled from other market.The commodities prices are out of control and the crude hike really worrying as the on going rapid rise of domestic needs.The people are in power were unable to compensate this deficit...!! there is a way out to find the oil&natural gas in India.But will it possible...i don't thing so as the private oil explorers like reliance and other companies are taking all our resources to their favor.The recent CAG reports shows the Govt. Made loss about 40,0000 crores in the K.G.basin that was the loss made as the ministry was favored all its norms that favor to reliance...Just now we are talking about the 2-G scam and that 1.8 thousand crores is not yet recovered not even a 1000 rupees now the other scam is discovered..Where it lead no doubt we are droned so much.The reliance will surly pull down the index soon.

We were cautioned in our previous post do not remain long in NIFTY and Banknifty when it was trading in 5530,10840 levels respectively.Today the nifty touched day high of 5505 and fell down to days low of 5438.The bn touched high of 10835 and gone to the low of 10607.The Bn opening punch was in 835 we have not seen it stood up there...all we saw is 81o level .

Today we made good gain in both the index's.We done 4 trades in banknifty and made nearly 90 points.The positinal short holders made about 200 points.

We expect the market may bounce little up and again it require fresh selling pressure and it slide down to 5408 and 10560 level.Positionally the bn will slide down to 10440 level.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Banknify view for 14.6.2011

The Banknifty opened weak and slides to days low of 10602 and shoot up sharply to 10700 level and touched a day high of 10765 level.The nifty also made a low of 5437 and touched a days high of 5511 level.

This up move was expect as both these index are filled the gap.We would like to insist the nifty and banknifty gone up in sideway market it has done a exhaustive run up and the BN&Nifty is still seems weak as the selling pressure in nifty was too heavy today.The Nifty has so many hurdles in 520 and 545 area so the upside move is limited we need to observe few days as the trend now may be side ways.

We made good gain in Banknifty intraday about 80 points and STBT shot also covered where we made around 60 points in addition to todays trading.

We would not suggest fresh long at this level one can consider short with SAR-5540

Friday, June 10, 2011

banknifty view for 13.6.2011

The Banknifty is still weak and tomorrow there is a possibility of little bounce up upto 10760 level and may slide down to 680 or below level.

Today as the iip data was flashed the nifty and Bn fell down sharply the nifty touched a low of 5450 and banknifty at 607.We have made good profit today as we also sold in 10814 and covered in 711 for old shorts and also made three intraday trade and made 111 points ...overall many our clients made 200 points in a day.In the afternoon we just stay kept away from trading as we were expected the market may go eratic..

For the rest view read our yesterday post below to this post as the view is same.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Banknifty View for 10.6.2011

The Banknifty and Nifty last 3 days trade in a narrow range and it unable to step ahead firmly on either side.One side the sentiments are negative and on the other side the market is struggled to jump above the resistance's zone.

The Nifty today made a days low 5493 the support now at 480 is not broken on the same time it is unable to cross 5555 level.The Bn made a high of 10847 and fell down to the days low 10721.The 10680 now act as monour support below it the bn may free fall to 440 level.It also gain strength above 10920.Now one can short upto 10900 for positional with the target of 440.Or make your trade intraday.

Today we made 3 trades and gained 95 points.We have done very conservative trde without any sl hit with narrow target of 40 points.

They Say -

"The left side nothing is left and on the right side nothing is right"
our market situation at present is at the same above situation.There seems the dilemma in investors mind to pump fresh investment as the 2-G scam is still expanding and hold many telecoms tycoons to thihar jail!!

Monday, June 6, 2011


The market opened weak today and the banknifty touched the dya's low of 10650 and traded in a narrow zone more than 3 hours and nifty came down to 5475 as expected and bounced to the days high 5546.

Today the market sentiment was negative and during the last half an hour the market done the complete 'U' Turn and rose to the new days high.The Bn shown a days high of 10861 and it was caused due to panic short covering and huge Positional Sl hits.The BN was not able to trade above 850 level and it also came down to 813 level and lastly traded in 10839.

We still feel this rally is a kind of phony the decline of NSe scrips ratio is more and there is still dilema for fresh buy even among investors.The Nifty now may trade in wide range from 5440 to -580 level.The Banknifty will again fall down and touch 10620 level..if it break down this it slide down to 10340 level.we do expect once again a gap down opening tomorrow..I would not suggest any fresh long in nifty as well as banknifty .

Friday, June 3, 2011

Banknifty view for monday

The Banknifty last 2 days showing weakness.Yesterday it opened in gap down about 100 points and today it struggle to cross 10950 level and also not broken down the 10680 level.Monday it may open down to 10680 means the Bn will fall down to 10270 level.if open above 10940 a side ways trend will be there for few days.Today we made only 2 tardes and made 39+47 points without sl hit and also covered yesterday stbt today and made another 77 points in it.

Today we gave nifty positinal short exactly at day's high at 5608 and gave a target of 5510 and the day low was exactly 5509.80.We were really thrilled as nifty was going high after high and we sold in days high and bought at days low and made about 100 points many our Banknifty client we gave it free all of them really stunned by our performance.

The nifty and banknifty may continue it weakness on monday and the bn is strong only above 10922 level and the nifty is above 5552 may gather intraday strength...overall the sentiments are neagtive the nifty may go down agin to 5440 level,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Banknifty View for 2.6.2011

The banknifty today opened in marginal gap up and showed weakness it fell down to day low of 10851 and during market closing it jumped up to 10955 level.The opening it showed the punch of 10984 but trading was not 10920 level it was trading for longer time and the end it showed the exhaustion gap up.Actually the day was very choopy.

The Nifty was touched a day low at 5545 and during closing it jumped to 5592 level and marked a days high of 5594.The nifty now has strong hurdles in 5605 tomorrow one can go short if nifty open down to 5580 and your SAR must be at 5612.The Banknifty is in my view weak and expected a due fall any moment.Technically it can claimp up to 11080 level as per todays closing.Today the panic short covering only took it one can avoid fresh long at this level.