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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Banknifty View for 11.02.2011

Today We made good gain in Banknifty by shoting almost 5 times and gained 40+points as an average each time.We just wait for one rise and sell and buy..gave so many chances to make swing buy&sell but we made very conservative trade.Many our clients made beyond 200 points all made near about 120 points+.

The Banknifty today opened in mild gap down in 10116 level and touched a days low of 10030 and in the after noon around 240 pm it zoomed in no time the days high of 10273 and fell down to 10070 level.It happened as many would have sold as the down trend is visibile to all and placed SL here and there ...and all Sl would have hited and the pendulam were swang up and down and made the market to attain stability in the end.

The Nifty more than 3 time took good support in 5210 level and shoot up.The day's low was 5210.30..The tomorrow market if Nifty go beyond 322 level there may be a minour pull back ...if move beyond 5555 only we can consider the correction will be over or it crawls like this in some more time.

The banknifty now fall down to 9920 level and may take support and go upto 10340 level.Anything above 10440 will take it to further high and become strong or will be choppy and down will be faster than our expectation.