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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Banknifty View for 10.6.2011

The Banknifty and Nifty last 3 days trade in a narrow range and it unable to step ahead firmly on either side.One side the sentiments are negative and on the other side the market is struggled to jump above the resistance's zone.

The Nifty today made a days low 5493 the support now at 480 is not broken on the same time it is unable to cross 5555 level.The Bn made a high of 10847 and fell down to the days low 10721.The 10680 now act as monour support below it the bn may free fall to 440 level.It also gain strength above 10920.Now one can short upto 10900 for positional with the target of 440.Or make your trade intraday.

Today we made 3 trades and gained 95 points.We have done very conservative trde without any sl hit with narrow target of 40 points.

They Say -

"The left side nothing is left and on the right side nothing is right"
our market situation at present is at the same above situation.There seems the dilemma in investors mind to pump fresh investment as the 2-G scam is still expanding and hold many telecoms tycoons to thihar jail!!