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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Banknifty View for 7.4.2011

Today the day was good for all our clients as we made fair trade and gained much.The Net gain we made in banknifty intraday= 29+27 -17 + 30+32 points(intraday positional+91 points).There are few clients who made nearly 200 points as they trade both intraday+positional calls.Assume if one trade 100 in Bn they would have made 100X200=Rs20,000/-.That is what the banknifty give return for your risk.The risk is your sl.As we used give minimum calls with minimum sl and try to gain more from market.

We wrote in our yesterday post the banknifty was failed to trade firmly in 11920 level.Today it was not able to cross even the 900 touched day high of 11897.95 and touched a days low of 11733.80.most of the time it trade near 11800 and lastly closed near 11760.The nifty also seen selling today as it slides down from day high 5933 to 880 level and did'nt stay long in above 5940 level.

The intresting part of the market is many value based stocks are moving up in the last few weeks.our own many seed tips scrip have gone beyond 50% in 2 weeks time.

The Banknifty now may turn a positional sell if open tomorrow below 11800 level and we do hope the tomorrow market the gap down opening will be there.The nifty one can go short below 5920 with sl at 942.BN can slide down to 11600 wisely and keep SL and trade.