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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Banknifty view for 1.06.2011

Banknifty and Nifty today opened in gap up and went strong.From yesterday's closing 10700 bn today opened up in 737 and gone instantly to 10800 + levels and in the mid-session it showed weakness.We gone long in opening around 10740 and gave a propsed target of 10825 but we exited near 804 as it was strugguling and went short there and covered the same in 750 level and we really missed a long when it touched days low at 10730 level.from the low it slowlely claimped up to days high of 10944.90.

The Nifty was able to break out all hurdles on the upside from 5520-45 and touched a days high of 5563 and lastly traded in 5552 level.The major correction in indian market was averted last week.Today sbi also gone to 2280+ levels.

In our view now the market is strong but we would not suggest fresh long at this level.As we have noticed today and yesterdays the market left many gaps including open&running gap's.The 'Island of reversal" tend to happen any time.Even for intraday long use sl-strictly .

The Bn is due to fill the 10460 level gaps if it needs to carry on this rally firmly it has to fill this gap.So that it can move up without any vaccum on the downside.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Banknifty view for 31.05.2011

The banknifty nifty opened in gap up and the Bn was showing strength where us the nifty was moving down wards and the opening was the day high too for nifty.The Banknifty opened in 10678 and touched a day's high of 10739 and slide well down about 100 points from its also broke down day's low twice and the friday's closing that shows enormous weakness.In the end session it claimed up but was not able to go beyond 10724 level and fall back to 700 and lastly traded in 10702.

From the opening the market was showing a kind of choppiness we planned well our trade and only made 3 successful trades and made a net profit about 100 points in todays intraday in banknifty.

The nifty today shown good weakness and witnessed selling pressure and touched a days low of 5441 level.Te nifty was haveing multiple hurdles in 5520-45 levels.Beyond this level only we can confirm the rally is firm or the market remain in sideways and trade in narrow range.The banknifty get stronger above 10880 level.below it slide down and may fill the gaps left.So it can see going down upto 10450 levels easily.Observe the day's pulse and trade accordingly.All these previews may help you to trade.Remember the market is ultimate and we need to follow that rather then anything else.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Banknifty View for Monday

The Banknifty and nifty gave a strong gap up opening and this rally is fueled By SBI bounce up form 2180 to 2230 level.We coudn't sense the pilse whole day due to power cut at our end.We mad opening 2 trades and ter after only was able to watch market in 2.30 to 3.30 market closing time.

The Banknifty and Nifty jumped up and left opening gap and few running gaps.Today was the first day after F&o closing We still not sure of this rally!! It seem as of now a pseudo rally.We need to observe the monday market how firm the market is going to be.

The market always gives this kind of certain unexpected twist.Of course that's part and parcel of the market.It is a challenge for Technical analyst how ever they are smart enough the market is ultimate and beat all your perception or preview's.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Banknifty View for 27.05.2011

Yet One another fruitful day for we made good gain nearly 180 points in Banknifty intraday alone.TheIntraday Banknifty gain is +41+42+37 points+52+30 points gain in june Banknifty.How we made this possible!! The market is favoured us very well as it was quit predictable and we forseen things in advance and without any sl hit we achived this.Though the market went up we sold at every peak and covered the same way and when it bottomed near 10370 we covered all shorts in may and sold in jun and there also we could makeitwo trades successfully and fnally squered all our position with 180 points+. One can observe the above chart we were expected this eratic upmove due to f&o closing and the fall there after and a rise at last.

The banknifty touched a days high of 10498 due to the f&o closing and gave up all gain and came down to 10370 level and raised to 10470 level.Where as the JUNE month Banknifty touched a days high of 10452 and gone to the low of 10293.this give us a negative bias.The june month trades in discount and the spot is still in premium.The weakness of SBI seems to continue further to 2070 level.

The Nifty gave little hope and touched a high of 5414 and lastly traded well above 5400 level.If tomorrow nifty open above 5440 a chance to move up again upto 5520 level.if open below it on can consider short.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Banknifty View For 26.05.2011

The Banknifty today shown great weakness inspite of that it was somehow held well in 10380 level for longer time and due to the stoploss that was build seems to hitted many time and banknifty could touch the days high at 10439 level.We made swing trade between 10380 to 420 as it gave multible choices to trade.

The nifty was weak the whole day and touched a low of 5328 where us the banknifty was not broke down the days low 10350.We belive the nifty now has bottom at 5170 level and SBI broke down the 2200 level and that may lead the Bn further down.

The tomorrow we are facing F&O closing and the market is expected to bounce upto 10440 level and Nifty can go upto 5400 level.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Banknifty View for 25.05.2011

The Banknifty today touched a day high of 10521 as i wrote in our yesterday's postit can claim upto 10600 level.It showed a opening punch low at 10330 and that was remaining the days low all day.It traded down upto 10354 level.Today we have followed our own IRM Trading plan and made good gain without sl hit.We sold in every peak and covered at every low.Intraday Banknifty gain we made today was 42+28+36+44 points.

Today Nifty gave little hope as it gone to the days high of 5417 but unable to sustain as it slides down and touched a days low of 5360 when Bn was moving up.The Nifty may weaken further down to 5160 level very soon.The Bn may claim up tomorrow as SBI is in its new year low and expected a bounce in sbi upto 2300+ level and Bn may lead a pseudo up move for the time being like today it gone to 10521 level.One can go short at higher level.If Banknifty open above 10460 avoid short.below it just try short for a 100 points down move.

Trading is an art.
One need to float on the surface never ever sink in the need skill to surf on top of ocean waves. Do not carry your prejudice and expect market to follow you,rather you follow market along with it pulse and surely one can win.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Banknifty View for 24.05.2011

The Banknifty friday gne up to 10744 level and left so many running gaps in between and closed at 10666 and today it opened in gap down at 10588.80 and no time it fell don to 10550 level.We gave a sell call at 10550 and many our clients could only sell at 10545 and we gave a narrow sl at 556 and target of 432.During 480 it stood longer time we covered fully and gained a profit of 65 points in the opening.

In 10380 level it stood sideways/standstill and we initiated long and near 390 we exited as the closing was very choppy and selling pressure was seen.The Banknifty gone to the peak of 10744 in friday and today at last during market closing it fell down to the days low of 10330.In 2 days it gave up nearly 400 points as the nifty broke down the critical support of 5393 and gone to the days low 5364.

The weakness of banknifty and Nifty is caused mainly by SBI and the global cue's.We belief the SBI may bounce up from 2220 level very soon and that may take up banknifty to 10600+ level.Overall the market sentiments among traders is negative.The Nifty move above 5460 level only can give the bulls some hope.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Banknifty View for 19.05.2011

The banknifty and Nifty seen genuine selling pattern due to the SBI fall about Rs.300.Now it trades in 2350 level.The SBI result was not bad actually .The SBI in Banknifty intex weightiness is high and that gave so much impact on banknifty fall.

Today in the opening we sold near day high 10682 level and gave a buy target at 10533 that was achived and that was exactly happen to be the days low.Today we made 4-intraday trading and gained 110+ points.Few trader who trade both intraday&positional made 250+points profit today.During the afternoon seession we sold in 10615 level and kept our sl at 633 luckilly that was not triggered even thoug the bn traded upto 644 level.We bought it in 571.So today our calls are 100% success.It is good day the market was in our favour and all our clients gone home with pocket full money.

Now we need to observe the Nifty move as it trades in its critical support level.Today it touched days low of 5397.60.The 393 seems support now...down to it,it may fall free.Now there is a chance for steep reversal too.

However one may be technically sound one need to have great quality to sense the ongoing market pulse.That only make a trader to a true winner.Have passion for each and every trade you may make.Do not trade for other but trade with your own guts.that helps a lot.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Banknifty view for 18.05.2011

The Banknifty beat all our expectation.The Banknifty opened today in 10880 level and gone to the high of 10938 and during the mid-session it showed weakness and done a unexpected twist.The 10800 level was well held several time but at last once it broken it slided down to a drastic fall.During the 2.30 session panic selling was seen and that pulled down Banknifty to the days low 10587 and at end it recoved about 100 points and closed at last near 10654.The day atp seems at 10737.

We made good gain in the opening and also sold near day high aand covered at 860 level.When it was trading near 850 we gone long and kept sl double sell at 821 that was triggered and our buy target at 742 was achived.Though we have saved our clients well we were recived so many people messages that they made loss and need our help to recover..We helped many to the extent possible by way of averging at every low and exited in 20-30 points and finally freed many out of loss.As a experienced trader+TA we have seen the Banknifty moves and knew how to mange and succed in trading.One need great skill and patiance to trade in Banknifty.It moves like a Bullet.You have to act fast and keep yourself free from all other activities while trading in banknifty.

We have reversed our long to positional sell now Bn will be strong only above 10855 level.Below it do not remain long as Nifty also trading near its critical support.If nifty break down 5393 level a free fall may happen in market.The Govt. is expecting the double digit inflation as the fuel price hike impacts.

Do not trade without sl.Always safe guard your capital with SL.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Banknifty view for 17..05.2011

The banknifty opened in gap down at 10970 and punched a day high at 10979 from there on it was unable to cross the 10960 + level the whole day.The banknifty seem having strong support at 10800 level.Today the day low was 10840 and lastly traded in 10871 level.The day was very much sideways but still gave so many chnces for intraday trades in 20-30 points many time.Today we made 4 trades and each trade made an avg of 27 points without any sl hit.So the Net gain we made is 95+ points.

We wrote we have gone positional long in 10800 level still we are hoping the BN will zoom at any moment.The Nifty today traded well above 5500 level and in the afternoon session it fell down and touched a low of 5477 and lastly traded in 5490 level.If tomorrow nifty open above 5506 and cross 540+ level means one can consider long in may go upto 5620 levels.The nifty is not given any firm indication as of now.So active traders can to intraday trading as per the pulse and move in intraday.

As long as the Banknifty stand above 10800 one can consider long and above 10945 it may act bullish...can easily claim up to 11230 level.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Banknifty view for 16.05.2011

The banknifty now preparing itself for a relief rally and can go up to 11440 level at ease.Today Banknifty marked days low at 10812 and gone to the high 11203 and during 2.30 to 3pm fell down ro 11020 level and lastly traded in 11065.Though it came to 10800 level the retracement was good and fast and today there were huge buying seen in banknifty.

Last few days we were unable to update due to some blog might be some server updation done by blogspot.

The Nifty also shown good rally today and traded well above 5560 level and touched the days high of 5622.

The banknifty came down to a recent low from 11950 level to 10760 level and last many days it trade well above 10850 level and consolidated good enough and today the nifty was lifted up by banks only.During closing around 11200 level today the short term/intraday profit booking seen that shown a pull down about 100 points as the selling pressure was more due to partial/full profit booking.We have gone positinal long in 10800 level and hold our position for the target of 11420 level very soon.

The individual/anybody follow this site need to take their own decision for trading as we only state our views here.We can not claim we are the best but our intention is to help people who is actively trading in banknifty.The banknifty is one of the highly volatile index's and one can be through and need to know the depth before trading.New bees please learn before venture into actual trading and understand the risk involved.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Banknifty view for 9.05.2011

Today banknifty opened in gap up from its yesterday closing 10748 to 10820 level.But actually there was a punch seen in 11726...!!.

After seeing this 1000+ gap punch we have gone long and made 100 points profit in the opening itself. We bought near 10820 and expected 11120 target that was achieved.We have only seen the 10820 level and the high of 11180 level.The opening punch 11726 was not traded...but we need to consider the gap up punch as it indicates something.The recent past we have seen when the nifty was trading near 5800 on 26th- April it punched 5393 and the market fell down from there on and today only it shows some up move.

Today nifty traded well above 5540+ level and touched a days high of 5574.we belive the market now is in buy mode and one can go long in banknifty as we too intiated positinal longs.

Rest we will update on sunday night.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Banknifty View for 6.05.2011

The Banknifty fell down continuously from the recent high 11950 level to 10700 level today in less than 15 trading it stroke like a wild strom and still the weakness persist in Banknifty.Today nifty was held well in 5300 level and touched a low of 5442.On 26th i mentioned the nifty future punched 5393 in the opening were as it was trading near 5800 level.I now belive the Nifty may slide down to this 5393 level and fill the gap and there on a rally may take place.Lower level avoid fresh positional short.One can book profit in short atleast 50%+.

These days we became a conservative trader as we hold the responsibility of many clients and sail them safely.Intraday when we gain 50+ points profit we simply avoid aggressive trading as the market now is not reliable it may jump any side and any depth.

There is no firm direction seen in banknifty it is better to do intraday for few more days.If the BN come down near 10575 level one may consider for positional long if one can have enough margin to hold till june.One may aim to make 1000+ Points.

I also wish you to join our 'SEED" tips service where we provide many value stocks available for best buy.One can buy and expect the stock to double in 6 months can avoid tension and minimise wastage of brokerage by frequent intraday trading.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Banknifty view for 4.5.2011

We wrote the follows in yesterdays preview...

Today we have not seen much positional short covering in Banknifty and Nifty. So we expect the Nifty future may go down to 5700 level and may take support in 5640 level and can bounce back.The Banknifty today touched a days low of 11229.If tomorrow breakdown todays low it slide down to 11110 level.

The banknifty today opening shown a punch of 11588.80 but not seen trading in that level.It was only traded in 11350 was unable to cross the 11380 level.The opening was remained as days high.The Bulls now have hope only above 11620 level.Below it do not remain in long.

The banknifty today opened in gap down@11224.75 and gone to the days high 11380 level.From 11260 to 320 and 340 to 380 there were running gaps and we saw the uptrend was shallow and sold neart the days high 11370 level.In less than 20 seconds it fell down from11380 to 11290 level and in the afternoon session the banknifty witnessed a steep fall from 11250 level to 11110 level.There on it remained weak and was seen so much panic selling and brought it down to the days low of 10866.00 level. and lastly traded near 10930 level.From the days high to days low is 514 points.It fulled many people technically as it crossed the high after high and many would have bough it as per technicals and in no time gave up all its gain and not allowed any one to make decision before they blink their eys fell sharply down.As a tips provider we made all our clients to gain. In Banknifty net intraday gain+88+42 +33 +48+26-19+21 points.

We gave a caution in the morning to all our clients do not go long below 11382.short at every high..the day high was just 380.

TOMORROW We expect a bounce in nifty and Banknifty.There were many gaps left in nifty and banknifty was filled in both these index's and now it has to raise slowely as no gaps is left.The nifty has to move above 5710 for a revrsal.The Bn has to atleast go above 11234 level.Then only it attract fresh buy.So above these level one can consider long or the market may remain choppy and sideways.

The first chart is banknifty intraday and 2nd one is 5-days chart.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Banknifty View for 3.05.2011

Last few days due to my outstation trip i was not able to update the blog.Kindly ignore and extend your usuall co-operation.

The Banknifty is weak day by day from the last week high around 11900 to 11229 level.We sold the banknifty in 11810 last week and covered today at 11300 level and gained about 500 points in a weeks time.The last few days the Nifty and BN consistently falling and stand still in every level and trading sideways without any gap.Today we have not seen much psoitional short covering in Banknifty and Nifty so we expect the Nifty future may go down to 5700 level and may take support in 5640 level and can bounce back.The Banknifty today touched a days low of 11229.If tomorrow breakdown todays low it slide down to 11110 level.

The banknifty today opening shown a punch of 11588.80 but not seen trading in that level.It was only traded in 11350 was unable to cross the 11380 level.The opening was remained as days high.The Bulls now have hope only above 11620 level.Below it do not remain in long.