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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Banknifty View for 19.05.2011

The banknifty and Nifty seen genuine selling pattern due to the SBI fall about Rs.300.Now it trades in 2350 level.The SBI result was not bad actually .The SBI in Banknifty intex weightiness is high and that gave so much impact on banknifty fall.

Today in the opening we sold near day high 10682 level and gave a buy target at 10533 that was achived and that was exactly happen to be the days low.Today we made 4-intraday trading and gained 110+ points.Few trader who trade both intraday&positional made 250+points profit today.During the afternoon seession we sold in 10615 level and kept our sl at 633 luckilly that was not triggered even thoug the bn traded upto 644 level.We bought it in 571.So today our calls are 100% success.It is good day the market was in our favour and all our clients gone home with pocket full money.

Now we need to observe the Nifty move as it trades in its critical support level.Today it touched days low of 5397.60.The 393 seems support now...down to it,it may fall free.Now there is a chance for steep reversal too.

However one may be technically sound one need to have great quality to sense the ongoing market pulse.That only make a trader to a true winner.Have passion for each and every trade you may make.Do not trade for other but trade with your own guts.that helps a lot.

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