Live Market

Friday, November 11, 2011


Dear clients,
Thanks for the cooperation..we were struck with banknifty shorts and the market didn't give us chance to covers due to gap ups and range bound and every peak we sold and raised avg..the notional loss+tension we carried was to high...but at last our patience paid we are covered all shorts with profits.Thanks once again for blindly following me and my tips..Many great TA's also booked loss..but we won.Its a long unexpected battle about a month..The market is such that test all our patience..But the technical analysis which i follow lead us to gain..

Wish you all happy hunting...
We have also recommended buy Nifty 5100-put option at 30 and today we sold the same at Rs.67.More than double in 2 weeks time.Many our clients bought 1000's.

todaybefor market opening we asked our clients to place buy at 9333 when market opened and traded near 9600...but we waited..and our target was archived.

We will update from now on regularly...