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Monday, March 7, 2011

Banknifty View for 8.03.2011

We went positional shot in Banknifty in 11110 and today we covered in 10660 level(440+points gain) and again sold partially the same when in bounced up near 10870 level and expecting to cover our shot in lower level.

Today the Banknifty opened in gap down as we stated in our friday's post it will fall below 770 and may go down to 10330.The opening today in 10850 and there on almost whole day it traded down to it.The Nifty opening of 5500 is also the day high and the market unable to go beyond this level.The Bn touched a days low of 10649 and Nifty 5400.25 respectively.

Today we made 170 points in intraday it self in 3 attmets 92+32+44 without any sl hits.The day was very pleasant and effortlesssly we made this above gain.

Tomorrow we are expecting the market may remain choppy and try to bounce up near 10900 level.By chance due to the -sentiment/political senario at present the BN move down to 10540 will lead it to 10000 level once again.The nifty is now in a sell mode on every rise.