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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Banknifty View for 1.04.2011

The tomorrow the F&O closing and the long roll over may not be there as every one wish to book profit here as the index are in recent peaks.Today we exited all positional longs in 11800 levels.This is what we wrote in our yesterday.The profit booking was seen today in Nifty and Banknifty.

The Banknifty today touched the days high of 11900 and above it it found difficult to cross over and in the afternoon session it fell down sharply to 11600 and then during closing time it again went down to 11580.Luckily we booked positional long profits yesterday and today gone positional short and covered the same shot partially when we saw 11600 level.

The Nifty was strong enough today and able to touch the days peak of 5879.75 and due to the bank index weakness Nifty too came down to 5799 level.The nifty now easily cross the 6000 level if hold above 5700 level and Banknifty is turned to positional sell and weak below 11680 and strong only above 823 levels.One can avoid fresh longs and consider shot with sl.The BN has many gaps left unfilled and expected to fill soon.As the Finacial year end the market may be gone high to show good NAV/Results for many institutions/MF!!! So now time to anlyse and observe the market another week to predict further.

Todays wisdom

"Before you speak, listen.

Before you write, think.

Before you spend, earn.

Before you invest, investigate.

Before you criticize, wait. ...

Before you pray, forgive.

Before you quit, try.

Before you send, read.

Before you die...........Live."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Banknifty View for 31.03.2011

The banknifty last few days going up every day about 150 points and closing near the high.You can watch the chart above here.We need to also keep in mind there were many gap up openings and running gaps left unfilled.As though it touced 11800 level it may have a minour correction down to 11460 level and again sustain means go up as per the nifty move.The Nifty today gone beyond 5800 level and shown it strength.There were little profit booking seen in 5800 levels.Now it may sustain in side ways and the aggression may be less.

The tomorrow the F&O closing and the long roll over may not be there as every one wish to book profit here as the index are in recent peaks.Today we made only 2 trades and made 41+47 points gain in intraday and exited all positional longs in 11800 levels.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Banknifty View for 30.03.2011

Now the market is powered by the wild BULLS. So, trade accordingly or change your positions.The nifty above 5730 may possibly take the market again to the all time high levels.The Banknifty now may trade in side ways to break the 'Res' levels in 11650 to 11700 levels. This above we wrote in yesterdays post about today pre-view.The Nifty touched a recent new high of 5787.90 and lastly traded well in 750+ levels.This indicates the nifty can jump up further high to 5920 after few days consolidation.


The banknifty touched the days high of 11799.50 and was not able to cross 700 but tomorrow the wild jump may possible above 11700 level.We booked partial profit in positional longs and also done intraday trades that made us to gain about 120+points.

Now , we expect the nifty move to the top(earlier peaks) as per EW -c wave and it may strick in 6000 levels.The banknifty is yet to be in sideways and have to jump above 11900 for a retracing the earlier highs.It will be attract more selling in 11550 levels as the long profit booking will be on card.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Banknifty view for 29.03.2011

The Banknifty done a technical breakout in last friday and made a high jump to 11600 levels.Today it opened in gap up but immidiately fell down to 11336(punched)We took intraday long in opening trade around 11400 and exited in 460+ levels.Today over all we made 3 trades and made about 133 gain without sl hit.

The banknifty today punched a low of 11336 and traded well in 11600 level and made a days high of 11642 level.The friday closing to today it well above 200 points and sustained above 11500 firmly.The Nifty also broke away all its hurdle resitances in 660 to 730 levels.

Now the market is powered by the wild BULLS. So, trade accordingly or change your positions.The nifty above 5730 may possibly take the market again to the all time high levels.The Banknifty now may trade in side ways to break the 'Res' levels in 11650 to 11700 levels.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Banknifty View for 25.03.2011

The banknifty last two days trades in sideways that too in a very tight narrow range.Today it opened in gap up from 10986 to 11000 and touched a days high of 11134 level.The 11k level it traded for a long while more than few hours and it stand still almost and traded in 20 points range.Its very rare in banknifty as it used to be eratic.

We made very conservative trade and out of 3 trades we made abt 70+ points gain(1 sl hit for 17 points)Now we expect the gap down opening tomorrow as the nifty and BN has so many hurdle to claimp up.

The Nifty was struck and finally touched the 5550 level.If it cross 623 level it may act wildly bullish or another chance to fall down to 5400 level.The Banknifty may again attract sell at may fall down to 10800 level as there were so many gaps left unfilled.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Banknifty view For 23-03-2011

The Banknifty today opened in mild gap up and touched a opening high of 10824 from its previous days closing and fell down to 10760 that was the days low.Today the banknifty and Nifty was traded in tunnel range and moved like a snail.

The banknifty Banknifty days low to high is only 105 points today. (L-10760,H -10865)Today we have done only 2- trade and made 24+35 points.
Tomorrow we expect the banknifty will get into range of 10740-930 and a fall below 10632 can bring major selling in banknifty and can go down to 10300 level.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Banknifty view for 21-03-2011

The Banknifty slided down from its yesterdays closing almost it gave up 50 points soon after the market opening at 10940 touched the day high of 10958.We have been insisting do not remain long in Banknifty.from the opening it fell down to 10800 level and was stand still there for a longer time.The day was choppy.The post mid-session the market started sliding down and banknifty touched a low during market closing at 10739.

We have sold banknifty in the opening and intraday clients we asked them to cover when we see near 86 points.We have done 2 trades only and made a good gain nearly 110 point without sl hit.We also gave a short for positional and covered the same when we see near 10740 level.

The monday opening is purely depends on the world cue's.Today Nifty gave hope to bears as it touched the days low of 5380 and unable to move beyond 5502.The weakness may continue in Nifty as it has multible support near 5220 levels.The Banknifty is weak below 10770 and it can move down another 300+ may attract buy if move above 10887.Our Market in macro view struck in side ways range, it is not giving any firm direction as of now.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Banknifty View for 18.03-2011

The banknifty closed yesterday in 10965 but today it opend in gap down at 10879 and did'nt give much buying chance as it shoot up immidiately to 10920+ level and gone to a days high of 11049 level.Around 12-pm the mid-market hours the nikki fell down and the indain market too fell down sharply and the Bn touched the day low of 10861.
We made conservative intraday 3 trade and made about 100 points and also attempt a positional sell in 11020 level and covered the same in 880 level.
The Banknifty was struck in range bound and it gone to higher higher(11049) from yesteday days high (11023) and not broken down yesterday low that was 777.In our view if Bn fall now below 10770 may add fresh selling and slide down to 10440 level.if by chnce as per the world trend move up above 11110 it act bullish...but one need to observe for going fresh long atleast 1 hours.As it may act technically over bullish above 11200 level to 113380.The Nifty still seems weak and struck in range bound.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

T-sunami That shook the world market.

T-sunami That shook the world market TODAY.The japan index was down in the opening about '-14 %'. and recovered during market closing and closed weak about -10.06%.The 14% was seen after the year 1970 and the -10.06% was seen in 2008 recession/Global meltdown that was caused the Leahmen brother bail out.
The Nikki and the Yen fall impacted the Global cues today and our indian market opened very weak and recovered during market hours but still the weakness persist.The Banknifty opened in gap down of -248 points.the yesterday closing was 10948.from this closing today opened in 10700 level and gone down to the days low of 10613 level and the day high was 10805.Lastly it was traded in 10740.00.
The Nifty fell down from 5555 to 5389 and the day low was 5375.60 and lastly traded in 5441.Today in the opening we were shocked after seeing the down flow and unable to trade in first half an hour and afterwards we were expect the 'Island of reversal" and made only few conservative trade.The Net gain In Banknifty Intraday> +33+27+42 +64( positional short covered 50%)
The Nifty was unable to move beyond 5505 level and bn struck in below 10805 level.The weakness will continue tomorrow if nfty trade down to 5430 level and BN down to 10720 level.The banknifty may go down to 680 means avoid long and it may down further to 440 level.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Banknifty View for 15-03-2011

The banknifty opened today in gap down as we stated in FB and from the opening 10750 it zoomed up and traded well in 10840+ level.There on it touched a high of 919 and fell down to 790 level and it again shoot up and crossed the earlier high and touched the day high's during market closing at 10974 and lastly traded in 10970.You can observe the chart above how it shoot up during closing.
The Nifty was today opened weak and th BN supported well to pull it up.The Nifty made a high 5562 from its days low of 5448 level.about 110 point valatality seen but it did'nt brake away the earlier day high like banknifty and lastly traded in 5555.The Nifty shown a running gap of 5485 to 520.This gap may be filled tomorrow.
Today we squared all our position around 210pm as we made conservative trade and gained enough.We did'nt participate the closing jerks.The Net gain In Banknifty Intraday> -18+67+22+28+48+35 points
In our view
The banknifty tomorrow may open flat and may go down near 10780 level.By chance if move above 11018 it may act bullish and go near 11110 level.below 780 it slide down to 10440 level.

Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Earthquake struck Japan triggering a Tsunami Alert

8.9 Earthquake struck Japan triggering a Tsunami Alert
We wrote in our yesterdays status message in Face Book:-
"On March 19th 2011, the moon will make its closest approach to Earth in almost 20 years, possibly triggering earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other disasters." But sadly the T-sunami hit today and the newsland,Australia and inodonesia,russia are now in the face of dangers of hitting T-sunami any time.
The nature really shaking all of us.Let us pray the existance not to destroy us and our people&properties.No one is BIG infront of nature.The Nature always tend to attempt/balance on its own.The mankind dont have any power to stop such natural calamity.We are helpless hower/whatever technology we do have not really afford to stop such disasters,rather we surrender and get along with nature witout spoiling our mother earth in any manner.
The people in japan need help from the world community.Let us unite and join hands to support people who were affeted in this disaster.people are homeless and its time to show our empathy.
Today the banknifty was weak as per our yesterdays post and after the T-sunami news flashed in media the Asian market fell dwon and ours is somewhat with held and the nifty closed weak. In today trade we made-Net gain In Banknifty Intraday> -22+44+38+28+20 points.
The monday market may continue the weakness.The banknifty fall down to 10660 will lead free fall.We do not advise any long positing at this time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Banknifty view for 11th march

The banknifty Future was very much intact in a narrow range in the last 4 days.The trend prediction was very easy and even a new traders can do trading well just follwong the trend.The usuall chram or the aggression was missing yet it gave alll of us a good opportunity to gain profits.

In our yesterday post we wrote...'the Bn was unable to touch the 11120 level.It shows if Bn fall down to 10900 tomorrow it attract much selling and may slide down.If nifty is well trading above 5540 it may face hudele in 5620 level'. The banknifty was opened in gap down near 10920 and we sold it expecting it will fall down and place buy in 10788 and when it came near 10850 we covered 50% short(intraday) and covered the balance 50% in out target price 788 and after wards we bough in 780 frsh and sold in 804 and kept ourself away from the market.As we expect to gain reasonably without greed&fear and kept our profit that was made in intraday.The Net gain In Banknifty Intraday we made was > +63 +34points+22.Its done without any SL hit.

We feel the Nifty still not giving any firm major fall/up trend so any preview about Nifty now may go wrong.The prediction at present is waste of time.The Banknifty in our view remain weak and fall further down.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Banknifty View for 10.03.2011

The Banknifty future today opened in gap up from yesterday closing 10984 to 11049 and touched a openi g high of 11 068 and fall down to 10960 level and again fell down and touched a low of 10901 that was the day's low and it bounced again shoot up and broken the earlier high and touched new day high of 11090.50 level and during closing traded and stane near 11000 levels.All these time the nifty showing choppy and wekness...the Bn was unable to touch the 11120 level.It shows if Bn fall down to 10900 tomorrow it attract much selling and may slide down.If nifty is well trading above 5540 it may face hudele in 5620 level.

Today we made Net gain In Banknifty Intraday > +43+27+38 -16points in banknifty intraday and still holding our positional shorts.Last two days we are very busy and unable to post in time.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Banknifty View for 8.03.2011

We went positional shot in Banknifty in 11110 and today we covered in 10660 level(440+points gain) and again sold partially the same when in bounced up near 10870 level and expecting to cover our shot in lower level.

Today the Banknifty opened in gap down as we stated in our friday's post it will fall below 770 and may go down to 10330.The opening today in 10850 and there on almost whole day it traded down to it.The Nifty opening of 5500 is also the day high and the market unable to go beyond this level.The Bn touched a days low of 10649 and Nifty 5400.25 respectively.

Today we made 170 points in intraday it self in 3 attmets 92+32+44 without any sl hits.The day was very pleasant and effortlesssly we made this above gain.

Tomorrow we are expecting the market may remain choppy and try to bounce up near 10900 level.By chance due to the -sentiment/political senario at present the BN move down to 10540 will lead it to 10000 level once again.The nifty is now in a sell mode on every rise.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Banknifty View for Monday

The Banknifty and Nifty today opened in gap up but failed to maintaing it status quo as it came down during market closing back to near yesterday closing.The Bn touched the day high of 11155 and came to the days low 10919.We made 3 sell attempts and succeded in 2 and gained nearly 100+points in Banknifty.We also instructed positional traders to sell in 11110 level and just asked them to place buy in 10934 and our target was achived.In one stroke we made 175 points.
What Do We Expect Now?
As we wrote in our yesterdays post the banknifty fell down due to the gaps left unfilled in between.Today though it opened in gap up but that gap was filled today intraday itself.The major previous old gaps from 10443 to 10560 level is expected to fill soon or latter.The Gaps will be filled as if, the water that go's faster towards the lower level/dig whole. The BN is weak below 800 now and may touch 10330 level soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Banknifty View for 4-3-2011

The Banknifty today opened in gap down from its previuos closing from 10916 to 10849 and the opening low punched was 10791.It was traded in 870 level and came down to 800 level and in the after noon it jumped to 11120 in no time by its high jump gap and it was not traded well in 11040 plus level and fell sharply down after a while and touced a days low of 10782.65.The 777 level was today we predicted a critical support as per our parameter and it took sup 4 points above it and zoomed again to 11020 level and fell down again to 10820 level.WE sold 4 times and Net gain In Banknifty Intraday was > 62+43+47-18= 134 points.When we sold in 11010 level and gave a target of 10823 and it was achived but only few could enjoy this fruit and other conservative traders we asked them to cover in 10960 level.

The Nifty was today well held by the banks as it opened in 5506 and went up t the days high of 5597 and fell down to a days low of 5477 and during closing it went up to 540 level.

The banknifty was moved up from monday and made a gaps in 10443 to 560 level and in between there are few gaps still unfilled and a move down to 10777 level will drag it down well below 10330 level.We wish not to take fresk long unless nifty cross the 5640+ level.The Gulf region the crisis may become seviour and that make the crude oil to jump up and the US economy may be imapact soon or latter.It is a right time to off load the stocks in US market as it trades near the year high.If nifty can move above 5720 this time a bright chances remain open our market may go new high and also need to remember if fall below 5320 the correction will occur.
The Global outlook is still looking shallow and the dollar fall make a mess within the month of June-2011.Dont go long in dollar.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Market Holiday Tomorrow-' Maha Sivarathiri"

2nd March Our Market Holiday For Maha Sivarathiri Day.
I wish all my Blogmates 'Happy Sivarathiri'