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Friday, June 24, 2011

Banknifty View For Monday

The Indian market is the place for uncertainty.The Unexpected "U" Turn made every one stunned.How ever we follow technical aspects of it , it is not enough.The Fundamental also one need to look out.Today The FII'S activity is more, that caused this un expected rally.Today In NSE&BSE The Net buy of FII's is Rs.3682.65 crores Vs.Net sell of Rs.2792.21 crores.It is not easy to predict the FII"s market behavior when/Why they buy/sell.?? Last week the Nifty future touched a low of 5182 and today it gone near to 5400 when every one out there expect a fall down to 5000 level.We are also not excluded in this preview.

Yesterday we covered our STBT short in Nifty and Banknifty ,when the market opened in Gap down.Today we were unable stay back the whole day as the acute power cut here.Today we made no trade as far as the intraday is concerned.But positionally we have done Short In Bn.The BN yesterday touched a days low of 10445 and today it jumped to 10900 level . From its opening it didn't give chance to any one -for a sell and buy.Many stood away due to the fear of going long and holding it for 2 days overnight position.

We see the post market analysis the market was broken out ,when the global markets are bleeding in red.This happened due to the FII's participation and also the F&O closing nearing and made most of the short holders to cover short at loss.Now ,when we see the tech view the 10541 to 611 gap is left unfilled ...if this rally is a pseudo one , on coming Monday to Wednesday or Thursday the BN has to do the 'Island of reversal' to fill the gaps in Nifty and Banknifty.

The Reliance& SBi + other banks are fueled this rally.The July premium was reduced due to the short rollover.Many traders are in short and the market volume were less in last few days and today it gone up as the panic short covering gone high.Whatever it is, the market is still not stable to go long.

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