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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Banknifty View for 29.06-2011

Chart analysis by- yesterday)

Today-Intraday chart

The Market witnessed a relief rally and the bulls all of certain took up the power from the bears from last Friday.Today the Bn opened in gap up and fell down to the days low to 10990 after touched the day's high of 11134.60 level and afterwards it was in sideways and the whole day was choppy.During market closing it moved up and near 11080 it faced hurdle and fell down to 11060 level.

Today nifty future touched the days high of 5558 and gone to the days low of 5491.We have mentioned the nifty has support in 5480 but today it held well as the selling pressure was not enough to push it down.On the same time the nifty was unable to move up above 5550 level.Most of the time it was trading in between the 5510-530 level.

The Nifty and bank nifty now facing multiple hurdles and any time it can go down to fill the earlier gaps left in last week.The Nifty moving down to 480/440 bring more selling pressure as it is now reached the over bought zone.Last few days it seems the Short roll over to next month was more and coming Thursday the F&O closing ,so the market may slide down.yesterday due to the diesel price hike the Oil companies shown bullishness and today it was reversed.

In coming weeks we expect the Bn to go's down to 10600 level.The nifty may not cross the 5605 level.Above this level nifty has strong hudle in 5659 level.

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