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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Banknifty View for 17.6.2011

Many of our readers stunned after reading our yesterday's post.Mainly our seed clients were shown their fear as they invested money in our SEED Tips.We are here to reflect the market reality time to time.When a investor invest money in Blue chip company's they need to worry much about.

All our SEED clients need not to worry we are invested in value based stocks.if the market fall down our scrip's done the reverse.For ex.- The TTK prestige is bullish right from Rs.600 to 2800 still it is moving up only.Where us if you buy a stock like Reliance based on Tv news/rumors that must be avoided.Every one knew in the market the Reliance is struggle to move beyond Rs.1000.Not only that it is a heavy weighted stock that pull down the index futures too.Long term investor actually be ready anytime to buy a value based stock in market when market fall.It is a boon time for investors when market fall drastically they can bottom fish with our guidance.

i wish every one who read this post,must read our yesterdays post.too.Today the market gave a shock to many , who were long in banknifty and Nifty index future's/Both these index fell down sharply and didn't give a chance.The Bn opened gap down about 80 points and nifty about 150 points.The nifty opened in 5406.We were cautioning many time do not remain long.

Today was a jackpot day for all our clients as we could made 7 trade and made 200 +points in intraday itself that too without single stop loss hit.We have devised a new strategy and made so many sell right from 10555 to720 and won.All our experience over 8 years in stock market made this possible even sailing smooth in a storm.

In our view the market from yesterday shown a clear direction on the down side.Now nifty may touch 5369 level.if break down this 369 market may free fall once again.The bulls have hope only above 5466 and beyond.Down to this level the market slide.The Bn today touched 10535 level we asked all our positional clients to initiate sell right from 10900 level and gave a proposed target of 10440 another 100 points left to achive this.Today bn moved up erratically from 610 to 745 level but unable to sustain and during closing it fell back to 10570 level that shows the Bn is not strong/stable to sustain in higher level.The RBI rate hike seems a burden for corporates and mainly the reality industry have direct '-' ive impact.On the other hand the domestic auto and allied industry growth will be affected.At present india is one of the top most consumers as far as Auto&telecom sectors.Many corporate's now seems to worry to un-burden their corporate taxes.

This repo rate hike actually favor the banks and strengthen its fundamental.The fiscal deficit is still not in a good state although the food inflation shown marginal appreciation...but the fuel price up&up is going to wipe all these and put as aside.we need more expertise in our economy to resolve all.

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