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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Is Happening In Our Market?

The Indian Market is Zooming like an ferocious spain bull that fight and move ahead and kick-off all hurdles on its way. The Nifty touched the 6000 mark and Sensex gone to 20,000 Mark. I am really not thrilled by this rally. but on the same time holding tight for not going fresh longs.The waves are good but not able to see what is hidden under this blue waves. The logic mind always suspect and refuse to accept the present up swing. I also advised all my clients to book full profits in the blue chip companies and ask them to keep cash reserve. Mainly the banking sectors which is inflated so much and do not able to really measure the with standing capacity of the inflated baloon...I wish all my friends to land safe before the baloon blast out of the excessive pressure.
The indian market is seems to be very much coupled in this rally with global cue's. but when i look back the recent past correction our market was not intact with the global correction and de-coupled it self and now for this on going rally it is very much coupled and any up in the dowjones that impact our market. Our market react instantly in the same manner and get along with the world cue's.Do not know how to measure this rally whether it is a pseudo or reall. Any how play safe and safety is always better in this market. What i mean is do not buy fresh scrips...instead book full/partial profits in your old holdings. Every one get attracted to buy a scrip in its high price probably if, you buy now you are forced to buy the scrips in its year high.
The Banknifty today shown good swing between 12200 to 260 level and we attempt more than 8 trades and gained 100+ points.The market opening onwards we started selling from 12340 level. The nifty was firm today and the 6000 sentimental level didn't bring much profit booking as expected. i saw a lot of gambling in SBI and Axis bank today.
Now, what do we expect?
First thing is to accept the fact,the market is in the hold of bulls that run run...Allow the bull to exhaust itself and be ready to attack the bull when its loses its strength...till then if,possible sit on the top of the bull and get along with it, where ever it may take you...Hold the bull tight and make sure you will not fall when it run fast.Reach the destiny and land safe. or Stay away and be a on looker of this bulls fight from the gallery.

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