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Thursday, September 23, 2010

We made our day fruitful today.

Hi All,

We made our day 'FRUITFULL' -in banknifty intraday.
The first 16 mins after market opening we made 130 points profit in is a kind of record and that boosted our confidence. Many of our clients trades in 20 to 50 lots have seen huge money today. The net gain we made in intraday banknifty was 215 points..We just amazed by our own performance.Just Imagin> 200points X 100 nos=Rs.20,000/-. Many of our HNI clients made about 2-lakhs ruppes in intraday trading.

How We Made This Possible?
We have been intensively looking into each and every technicals about a decade and developed our own software tools that is very appropriate to our indian market analysis. Based on this, we have spend yesterday whole day as we found some unique signals in our tool and intimated all our clients yesterday evening not to go intraday long in Banknifty or nifty and today 8.30 am we also alerted all our clients about the mild correction that is going to take place today.

In the market opening , we waited for the sell and sold exactly in the day high at 12340(day high was 341) and covered it in 270 and we double bought it in 277 and sold it in 296(double sold) and placed a buy at 12166 and sit tight for few hours and our target was achived.We have not left a single opportunity...we sold again in 195 and bought the same 2 mins before the market closing at 148. All our clients were really thrilled..we too surprised by the technical that worked very well today...The market was not bound to technicals all these days due to the excessive bull power...and today it worked perfectly well.Now the bulls are seem to exhaust itself or rest for a while!!...

What we can expect now?

We have predicted our market is going to correct. The correction may be mild and tomorrow is going to witness an important day of reversal.The bull may give up the powers to the bears.The banknifty may slip down to 11800 level and nifty may fall another 100 points down from the CMP.
The correction may not continue further down to 11800 the banknifty may bounce up again as the banks are still attractive and not willing to give up its status quo.
We have been alerting all our readers to book profit in holdings and keep cash reserve.Now avoid fresh longs in any scrips.Do all your intraday trade with strict stoploss.

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