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Friday, January 22, 2010

BANK NIFTY FUTURE- Intraday Update

Graph source- Yahoo finance

BANK NIFTY FUTURE Today the trend is very eratic.
Caution:- Keep strict stoploss for all your trading including scripts.
Especially the bank nifty, it is cutting down the low's and high's just like that and swing in between with more is going up and down within no time and do not know why it claimed up 8888.00 from the day low 8665.00 ?.
Be alert of your positions, if it is intraday, square it off today.The trend may reverse if there is any small news about banks/policy changes/results etc... or something like that.
Morning we sold it in 8792.00 and covered it 8702.00 and again bought at 8677.00 and sold at 8818.00.
No positions on hand. Waiting for anoyther sell at 8900.00 levels.with 20 points stop loss,if it is viable for intraday.
Today net profit 90+141 = 231 points x 50 = Rs.11550.00 ( -brokerage for two lots)

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