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Thursday, January 28, 2010


a)Update At 10.15am
One intraday position squred.
We asked our subscriber to buy bank nifty around 8360.00 level and many bought even at 8355.00 and asked them to exit at 8466.00.
Now no position on hand.Waiting take further positions,if there is a chance.
b)Update At 12.52pm
We got one more chance to sell at 8489.00 (Kept a SL at 8503-Not triggered) and just now covered it at 8372.00.
Waiting for another buy chance as low as possible!!!.
c)Update At 1.34pm
As per the expectation we got a chance for a buy at low i.e-8352.00 and sold the same just now at 8428.00
No more positions on hand.
d)Update at 2.20pm
Sold again at 8462.00 and bought it at 8406.00
Net Profit today from 4lots- bought and sold in intraday is (a+b+c+d)
= 106+117+76+56= 355 points X 50 = Rs. 17,750.00 (-brokerage for 4lots)

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