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Friday, January 29, 2010

BANK NIFTY -Who has the consoles?

Graph source-yahoo finance

The today market seems to be very eractic nature and done by some vested intrest who controls the consoles of the market.

Why the market fell from 8475.00 day high to 8260.00 ? from the day high to breaking earlier day low's within 2-minuts for no major reasons ? And again went upto 8420.00-level and fell to 8290.00 levels. All these happened in just 2minutes/Less than that time. Fell 215-points in such short span of time is very dangerous for all the traders.All stop loss is eaten out.Who will show further intrest for trading in bank nifty? Why such an eratic movements ? The swing within 100points to some extend acceptable in bank nifty future. but not 200+ points in one stroke.

What is happening?

All the stoploss was hit within no time and no opportunity were given to buy at low and sell at high...How is it possible in such a lightening speed ? Some people whould have minted lots of money today.

Unless or Untill some one hold the "key controls of the consoles" can only do this,I guess so. Hope you all agree with me.

Consoles>meanining- A sceintific instrument consisting of an input device-especially in computerised music editing system / controls to adjust volume or fade just by moving a lever here and there.)


  1. Good Blog really nice and helpful and the reason which you gave for such a drastic change could also be true for NIFTY.

  2. Thank you.
    You are right for nifty too it apply's.

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