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Monday, January 18, 2010


Source-Graph NSE.

Today was the day with so much of un-expectation.The market opened in a slight gap down and certainly zoomed up around 100+points, and around 1.30 for no reasons it just came down to 9040.00level and went upto 9115 level during the closing.

Today low was 9854.00 and high is 9116.00 levels.Around 260 points from the days low to days high.Great oppourtunity for a opening long, but most of the traders missed the chance.(i have recived many chat messages saying nothing is done).The graph shown here is the spot from yahoo finance.

What will happen on 19th jan?
Dow,Nasdag,hengseng are still in Negative zone.

Our team expect a gapdown opening and trade in the range of 8870 - 9080.

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