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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jackpot For Many orkut friends

The 25th June witnesed a 'jackpot' day for many of our orkut friends and yahoo chat members.The market opening itself we gave a sell call to all members @9610-20 level and asked them to place buy at 9460.00 once sold....
As per our techview's we have seen so much of weakness in banknifty future...Once we sold it came down to 9550 level and bounced up to 9630 during the mid-noon..We booked profits in 9560 level and again sold at 9630 once again without stop loss and placed a buy at 9466.00...finally at the end just 5 minutes before market closing our buy order at 9466 was punched and the day low was 9459.00...What a great one stroke we made 160 points...and the net gain for our clients is about 200 points...
Just assume that, if one would have done (orkut members) 100 shorts in banknifty future as per our tips ,they would have made 100X160=Rs.16,000/- within six and half hours.Only few have done this and thanked us with the over whelming hearts..

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