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Monday, June 7, 2010

Expected The Unexpected

The Banknifty was opened in a deep gap down about 200 points.In the last week the market was under a compression and was traded within a narrow cage.From last wed,thus,friday onwards we were selling on every rise and many times our SL were eaten out .Particulrly in friday we were selling right from 9320 level to 9370 and the market rose and we have done three times averaging on every rise to rise our selling Avg. and our selling avg was around 9340+ and today we have covered the same shorts in the opening at 9110.00 and gained 250+ points profits.(Today low was 9106.00,High 9236.50).
We have also done intraday and all our 3 trades were successful and given us a handsome return of 100+ points.We bought in 9125 and exited in 9185 level and again sold at 9220 level twice and covered at 9190 level.None of our SL was hit today.The market may further slides down as per our TechView's.

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