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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back To The Square

Today opening itself, we went long in 9100 level and closed our longs in 9145 and market gone up to 9160 we sold and bought at 9120 again sold at 9160 and covered the same in 9125. from there on the nifty wash pushed up and we bought in 9150 levels and exited in 9190 level....
The market became certainly bullish in the mid-session and we waited for the peaks to sell hence we were certain the market was pulled up for no reasons with out firm foot on the ground. we sold in 9243.00 and placed buy at 9207.00 it is bought within no time and slides down to 9200 level in minits.Again we sold in 5180 level for a fresh positional short and the market came down to 9110.00 we covered 50% of our shorts and still holding the remaining shorts.Yet one another day we filled our basket.The total gain in intraday alone was about 150 points+.

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