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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Complete 'U' Turn

Till today morning we were in positional short in Banknifty future and this morning we had a sell chance in the opening around 8960 level and in 4mints time it came down to 8890.00 for a buy...The day Low was 8888.15 and day high was 9198.00 what a jump from the low to High...We were very awake about the trend today and kept our SAR @9000 level for our positional short to positional long and as expected the SAR was triggered and the market took a complete 'U' Turn and we have very wisely aligned our position with the market and that favoured us greater gain than what we thought of it.
I also like to add one more thing, as i see Nifty today was unable/struggle to claim up-5020 Levels and that really worry the positional Longs in banknifty.If tonight the world cue's+tomorrow the euro opening will decide the uptrend and its consistent move to the higher levels!!.

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