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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The time expansion...The market lost the charm.

The time expansion seems to weekened the charm of the active market trades.I really need to see weather the overall Trading volumes of the markets both in Bse and Nse are raised or not?
we have to wait some more time may be this week end we can see the differences that happened because of the time expansion.
My personal views about this time expansion is negative.i am really not comfortable to start an early trade in the morning.if they would have expanded the time from 3.30 pm to 4.30 that would have been nice for me.Anyhow,There will not be any major changes in market volatality..infact the market lost its usual charm in last two days as i see,it is such a boredom.
Many traders are finding difficult to reach the office's in time.That too city like mumbai one has to wake up so early and start their journey atleast by 6/7am,if they have to reach city from the is a difficult times for the terminal operators to accustom to the present timings.
What shall we do now? we have to simply accept and accustom ourselfs to the new timings.let it take some more time.No way out.

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