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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As i said earlier in my post the bank nifty is in it up trend and preparing itself for a rally..
This is what i wrote-
'So,i advise the positional traders to avoid shorts.than if you are doubtfull about going long,it is better to keep quit and be a witness untill you gain some confidence.'
Now it shoot up to 9249.00 within no time from the level 9182.keep awake if it cross over 9260.00 with volume,one can go positional long.
intraday trader stay away...if there is a chance for you to sell make it with a stoploss of that moment high.
Intraday traders as usual be blank and flow with the current of the market sell and buy or buy and sell accordingly and take out your profit and go home with a peace of mind.No overnight worring about the next day/watching the midnight market of dowjones or nasdag is not really required.

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