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Monday, September 12, 2011

Banknifty View for 13.09.2011

In our yesterday Post we wrote

"The Us and SGX are trading weak and the Monday our market may slide further.If Banknifty fall below 9480 do not remain in long.Nifty will again fall below the 5000 mark. No wonder if nifty go down to 4700 level again??'

The today market fell and Nifty opened in 4969 and touched days low of 4901>the Bn opened in 9495 and seen a punch of days high of 9540 and went to the days low of 9336.We have covered all our positional short sold in 9930 level at 9340 level and again sold the same in 9440 level 50% covered it in 9370 level.Many our clients today made Rs20,000 and above in intraday itself.

We still hold our nifty shorts in spite of some intraday gain by swing trades.The Nifty now weak and may break down the earlier recent low 4710 if tomorrow it breake 4890 level.Watch it.The banknifty can have a small bounce back uptp 9580 level where one can re-short.

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