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Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank you all...

We gave our market prediction day before yesterday... and many friends and our clients sold banknifty yesterday near 10500 (high was 10525) and we recived more than 100 overwhelming mails for appreciation our preview.We are glad to notice that many made good gain as the banknifty today came down to days low of 10141 level.Almost 350 points over night.As we can not individually reply each person share our reply to all who trusted our analysis.

We wrote...

Believe me the Major trend&sentiments are still down the market can not go anywhere expect down side..

We actually make use of today to exit longs in few A group shares and also added fresh shorts in banknifty and Nifty.The Nifty we expect a down fall near to 4770/5470 levels and banknifty may down to 9780 level.One can keep this as a tentative target on the down side and there you can add fresh longs...till such time keep away from longs..Many our clients shorted as per our advise.

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  1. #Trend #in #FII #flows: The FIIs were Net Value of Rs -529.22 the cash segment on Friday while the DIIs were Net Value of Rs 1920.87 as per the provisional figures.