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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3-Blast In Mumbai.21 people were Killed.

I am very sad and condemn the Mumbai attack..No banknifty update today.
It is very evident the so call human beings them self called Homo sapiens is a utter failure.We still live in a barbarous community where the people are dare to kill so many innocents.Life has no value.It seems it is very futile.

...I really don't know whom they are showing their anger.Is this the way to kill so many mercilessly who is no way connected? Even the animal kill other animal only for their meat.Killing other people and make the world stunned becoming a trend of the ongoing terrorists.Who can stop this..Evey one among us became deaf...we don't hear nothing..just the blast became a routine life and every now and then we hear news and forgot all about.Who is there to safe guard the innocent life??Are we ready to find out the source for these cause and going to end? or there is no end to this killings?

For every technological advancement we proclaim and raise our collars.What happen to all you surveillance/security system?

All, i understood the so called homosapiens is utterly failed. It is not the first time for Mumbai.The terrorists target city is Mumbai again and again and that too a planned attacks in 3 places in same day.We are not still ready/prepared ourselfs to stop such attacks.Our information sysytem is not upto the mark to save the innocent life's here.

All the earlier attacks and the terrorist are still not punished..the case is still going on and wasting so much of our nations money.Still we have not learned lesson and every attacks become hot news and we forget latter on..

I am really sad and condem this attack.We should make a pull stop to this.lets unite and support our nation.Who ever have information share with the intelligence agency's.Do not afraid.Unless,we as a citzen of the country need to end this atrocious attacks and grow peace here.

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