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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Banknifty view for 27-04-2011

We wrote in our pre-view about today market in yesterday's post:-

In the above 2 charts we have 1 is intraday and the 2 is the week chart(5-days).In the 5-days chart the Bn shown few gaps left unfilled.This week it will try to fill this gap before it move up firmly.It actully zoomed up from 11620 level with so many running gaps.Mainly in 630-8- and 780-840.If the Bn break todays low's 11890 tomorrow it may slide down to 11730 level.Above 12020 it can claim upto 12180 level but the nifty now face hurdle in 5940 level.So one can go short in nifty with sl at 940 and Bn with sl at 12032 level if the opening is near 11940 level nifty in below 5920 level.

The Banknifty opened in 11920 and gone to 11923 and fell down to the days low of 11723 and from 11780 it completely done a 'U'- Turn and gone to the day high of 11939.We gave 11940 as our post and it exactly stopped there.Lastly Bn traded in 11890 level.We see still the weakness in Banknifty as per our parameters/indicators.

The yesterday's scenario remain almost same as far as the Banknifty tomorrow is concerned.The banknifty during the market closing runned up with running gaps.Shockingly the Nifty today shown a punch at 5391.Don't know how it happened.Some technical system error would have been there.The Nifty came down actually to 5825 level traded well and zoomed up to 5907 days high during market closing.

Today we made 48+30+30-16 points gain in banknifty intraday.

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