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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Banknifty View For 23.02.2011

As we stated in our yesterday post about the preview of banknifty today " it may open in gap down". The baknifty done the sameit opened today in 10925 from monday closing 11070.We gave yesterday STBT call and sold BN in 11067 and today we covered the same in 10880 level and gained 187 points profit in one over night shot.This is how we foresee things and made profit for all our clients ..If one follow us strictly it is no doubt one can win and create massive wealth soon.

Today we have done 6 tardes and gained 162 points in intraday itself apart from the STBT call.We were kept aside after 3pm to avoid the closing jerks.The banknifty today was moved up to 11000(punch) and traded well in 10950 level but there were selling instead buying...similarly when it touched the days low 10762 there were not much buying but it jumped to 840 level due to the market closing/short covering.

The Nifty gave up almost 100 points and showing weakness.The tomorrow if banknifty open below 10740 it may slide down to 10160 level and if move above 10980 and sustain above 11040 it may be strong upto 11270.Third option if open near 820-900 it will be choppy/side ways for some more sessions.

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