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Friday, January 14, 2011


The tomorrow banknifty may open in mild gap up near 10720 levels. if, sustain above 700 level it can claim upto 10900. if, failed in this and open below 10680 it will be weak and slide down to 10,340 levels.The spot Bn is closed below the 200DMA,that is a sign of weakness.One can go short in banknifty near 10900 and keeping 947 as SL.

This above one we wrote in our yesterdays post about todays market.Today market opened in gap up as we predicted. from its yesterdays closing 10728.70 to 10741.00.We sold in the opening near 720 and placed buy in 568 when it strugged near 596 and bounced up we covered all shorts near 615 level and made about 100 points profits in the opening 25 mins time.We made 3 sell and one sl was triggered for 14 points other 2 we gained over all 128 points. Actually we sold, when the market recovered to a new high to 10956 we sold near 880 and place buy at 817 but covered soon in 850.Afterwards the market fell down steeply to new days low to 10386.70.Lastly the banknifty traded in 10461.

We always made cool trades and book profit what we desire.Our Basic commitments to all our clients is 50-points everyday. So,we are keen in making this 50-points almost daily and do not bother much about market volatality/Manipulation happens like today .No reasons it touched 10956 and gone down to 386 level!!!

The 'greed' and 'fear' are two factors, that spoil any trades and make the traders fail in trading.

We are Much aware about this factors and do our trading without this and consistently make our gains matter what type of the market it may be.We will make 50-points gain for our clients.So that, a conservative small client can double his/her capital in '3 to 4' months time.No point in risking too much and loose the capital itself.Trading In Banknifty one need to have great skill and stable mind to win.

The monday banknifty may open in 10520 level and try to sustain side ways.if fail and break down the 10384 level the banknifty may slide further to 10230 levels.From there on it may go to fresh lower levels.The Nifty today opened good at 5765 and touched a days high of 5858.75 but failed during its closing and touched new days low of 5638.The nifty now seems weak and slide down further down to 5400 levels.The forcast of leading banks NPM may decline about 15% is another worring facts.

'Be alertful in banknifty trading and always place sl .Do not risk for your capital'.


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  3. During the week ended February 10, the S&P BSE Sensex added 0.3% or 94 points to settle at 28240, while Nifty50 gained 0.6% or 52 points to close at 8793.