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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Banknifty Pre-Market View

In our view the Nifty may sustain side ways as many wise people done so much hedgeing.if tomorrow move above 6030 level then the bulls take full control overl all index's.The banknifty may find down support at 11330 and trade up to 560 level.Above 11660 it will be strong up move upto 11720 level.
>>The above one we wrote yesterday about todays market..just check the banknifty made a high of 569 and fell down to 440 level.The day was very narrow and snail move...very much sideways and choppy.We could make a net gain of 70 points today as we made a very conservative trades.

In our view the Banknifty&Nifty may fall from the current levels slightly.The banknifty may find support at 11260 level and Nifty may come close to 5927 level and may trade in sideways.

The Inflation and the rise of Fuel & Essential commodities prices are worriying facts Now.The RBI governor himself is concerned that the inflation is not within control as the food grains & veg prices are shoot up contininually.

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