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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where This Rally Ends?

Where the Nifty and Banknifty Ends it upward move? Almost unanswerable question.On the day of deepawali the indian market witnessed a all time new high.The Nifty broke away the previous top 6349 and Banknifty was made a high of 13400 level and reached it top.The Sbi gone to 3400 level and many many scrips made new year high's..The Sensex is nearing the 21000 mark and no wonder it will cross this boundry...The COAL INDIA made our market much stronger when it touched 340 level.. the fund inflow become surplus in our market.

The Indain market is seems to be a trend setters for the Global cue's..

That too after the US-President Obama visit and his inspiring talk in the parliment made many world leaders and ceo's attention to india. He quoted- "india is not emerging country,its a emerged nation". Our nation is the attractive gold mine for the real investors and the FII's buying everday is rising and almost more than about 2-months the fund inflow to our indian stock market, mainly the value based companies have been wittnessed huge buying by these institutional investors. Many of the companies stock prices are multiplyed by 100-600% growth which is an amazing sign of growth.Our own clients of 'SEED WEALTH CLIENTS' made massive money.

So the remaining days/months going to attract more potential FII's/Investors to our market and the sensex will make another new highs.

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Written by a Pakistani journalist about India- Must forward to all Indians!
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An article written by a Pakistani journalist about India .. Must forward to all Indians!

Coming Back to Banknifty...

The banknifty whenever it reaches the chennal top a huge profit booking seen and it used to stand still for few sessions.The deepawali day it made a new high and afterwards it fell down about 300-400 points and today it opened in gap down and touched a low of 12990 where its sustained for a while and a certain jerk made to cross 13150 and gone up to 13187 level and fell from there to 15o and the 13150 seems a strong support for banknifty at present and it took support in this level and during the afternoon session went to another new day high of 13240 level and closed strong.We made a profit of 100+points today without any sl hit.We purposefully avoided trading few hours when the showed choppiness.

As i wrote in my earlier post the positional traders who took long can hold with trailing SL and avoid fresh positional sell at present.One can do intraday with proper SL and can make 50 points in a day easily by using all the swings.That will be an ideal choice at present.Hence it made a rally of 1000 points within few days to a week.

'Not A Time to Risk Your Capital'

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