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Friday, November 26, 2010

What a pull Back Rally?

Today The Banknifty opened in gap uo @11880 from its previous day closing 11753 level and it stayed above 11800 for 10-15 mints and fell down to 11750 level and was traded in side ways for a while.Due to the severe sacm in housing sectors the reality sectors show much weakness and fell almost all reality stocks down..The Core india projects fell from 253 to 151 and it was pull back up to 250 level again in the afternoon.After the media flash ups the reality weakness the banknifty fell was a kind of free fall ...The day low was 11440 but within a hour a great recovery was seen..( from day low to high 487 points) The pull back rally made to achive new day high of banknifty at 11927 level and clsosed in 11730 level.

Today it was a JACKPOT DAY for all our clents..
We sold and covered and double bought at 470 level again sold in 880 level.The intraday tradar made around 350 points.The intra+positional traders made nearly 540 points.We made our day fruitfull.This is one of our highest gains in intraday trading. Day after day our accuracy level gone up.we are amazed by our own prediction that made many of our clients rich.

The coming session banknifty may show a minor rally/set back to sustain its status quo 12000 level. it may touch 12200 level soon.The nifty now strong above 6015 level and weak below 5460/350 levels.Today many stocks touched new year's low..The corrective phase is not complete yet..It gives good oppurtunity for the real investors to buy best stock at low price. So keep rooms for buying fresh at low!! Wait for bottom fishing.We too have some 60+ stock for bottom fishing our all seed clients will get these scrips as and when the market is ready to catch the good stocks in low value.
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  1. Equity benchmarks extended their losses in the morning session, with the Sensex falling over 250 points, while the Nifty traded below 10,300 marks.capitalstars payment