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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Market Done well as per our yesterday pre-market view

We wrote in our pre-market view in yesterday and the market today done exactly the same.It opened below 12380 and selling was seen and came down to 12200level.The days low was 12161 and high was 12397.During the closing short covering took up to 12280 level and closed very weak.The nifty also now in positional sell mode it may slide down further to 5800 level.We expect the banknifty will fall down to 11800 level soon.

As i waa busy in some media interview unable to update in time.....

What we can expect now?

The 9.15 market opening time gave us a good oppurtunity personally i feel it is a very good system that curbs so much of market speculators and the high jump gap ups/downs trap will not be there much as it used to be in the past.

The market perspective now at present is down,as per today closing the market has to slide down further...but the hedge funds may play major role and try to lift it up by gap ups/runnining this attempt fails the nifty may take support in 5800+ level and banknifty will be sideways for 2 days till f&o closing.After f&o it may touch 11800 level and chances are bright to bounce back to the previous highs.

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