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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Jacpot Day For Us In - ' Banknifty Future Trading'

Today we made an excellent trade without any sl hit we made 7 attempts "intraday Banknifty Future" and succeded in all . The market opening we sold near 12465 and placed a buy at 12320 and was bought.We gain sold at 12380 and covered in 12248..similar way we attempted and gained Nearly 300 points in intraday. So it was a ' jacpot day ' for all our clients.Infact we sold in the days high and bought near the days low and gained the maximum in banknifty.

The Levels we have mentioned for buy/sell in todays intraday was very opt and all our targets were achived without any modification. We have been doing intensive study in banknifty and the levels we aims for our trading is quite facinating.Most of the clients were amazed by our sell or buy calls when it exactly touch/achive the levels we mentioned.Any way we welcome you to become one and enjoy the jacpots everyday.

Now What we do expect tomorrow?

The Nifty touched the days low of 6007 and the 5990 was the days critical support and a breakdown of this level would have attracted huge selling in nifty as so much of SL/Basket selling were placed here for positional shorts...But some how the market slowley rose and sustained in 6035 level and during closing it jumped up to 6120 levels.I could see already so much shorts have been build up from 6250 levels.The Nifty fall down to the 6000 mark now is very critical and the indian market may face huge correction about 500+ points.So the bulls be carefull now and avoid longs or do it with strict SL.

The Banknifty is weak below 12410 level and it is the level of positional shorts.Today it fell down to the days low at 12236 and during market closing shoot up to 12450 level.This exhastion runing gaps is futile tomorrow.Be wathcfull the market witnessed many a times a false breakouts.

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