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Friday, October 8, 2010

Intraday Banknifty Futire Update at 1.30pm

Yesterday i was busy and unable to up date the post.We have made about 200 points in intraday.This week is very good for us as the banknifty was adapting all our technical predictions and we made a good gain.Today opening we sold at 12600 and covered at 554 and again sold near 604 and covered at 512....This week alone we made about 513 points gain in banknifty which is great to achive only in intraday.I too aware many visitors of this site may not belief.The reasons are > The people who is in the market is already filled with many stories and will not hear what we say...The people who is new may not understand what we are talking about.

The banknifty now trades in 12500 level a breakdown below 12454 will bring fresh selling...i am expecting a red closing today.The nifty fall down to 6084 is blood cautious in your trade and keep the trigger price wide in your sl-for longs...there may be a jump down running gaps.

Update After Market Closing/Post Market View

Again we made 3 attmpts and suceded in 2 and one sl hit about 16 points..We sold in 12623 level and placed buy at 512 and a steep fall the buy order that was well placed before was bought and made 111 points gain in one stroke in the after noon session.Again we sold at 12520 and covered at 466 and 3rd attempt sold in 526 and place sl at 536 that was triggered...Over all the net profit we made in intraday was 209 points today.

What we can expect on monday market?

The Nifty during closing recovered and closed in not so strong nor weak..So the monday market it will open in mild gap down and sustain in 6150 level.A fall down to 6084 may attract fresh selling and as per the pulse that time according to global cues panic selling may come...if by chnce it happens nifty will face a correction that correction may continue from short term to long term.I wish the traders to ook profits mainly the A group holdings.

The banknifty fall down to 12458 will attract positional shorts..and take it down to 12180/11800 levels.

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