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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Market Trap Every One.

The 'Market Beats Every One'.
(Rule no.#3)
It is one among of the three Basic assumptions of technical analysis.
Today we were in short in Banknifty with the hope market will slide down to 9220 range considering the global weakness's. It was low during the opening, the shown low of banknifty today was 9384.00.The market was rose to 9440 level and about more than a hour it stood still, we kept our 'double stop loss buy' to reverse our positions with the trend of the market and finally we suceded in our attempt once bought near 460+level we immdiately placed sell order at 9566 and the market zoomed like anything .We off-loaded 50% longs near 9566 and changed the balance 50%(long) sell order at 9582.00 and it was hit during the market closing....Surprisingly, that happen to be the 'day's high'.

All our clients were really exited by our prediction.The morning we were beaten by the market.The market is above all and beat everyone..We still managed very tactfully by adapting our technical.

We are strictly fallowing our technicals and that gave a great gain more than 100 points in one stroke today.We have learned enough how to get out of the hold of market trap in any critical situations and learned how to turn or use the market for our favours.

Yet, One another day we have proved 'Tehnical Analysis that works'.No rumours can beat when one fallow and allign themself along with the market pulse.

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