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Monday, July 19, 2010

De-coupled Market?

Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) -5days chart

Dow Jones Composite Average (^DJA) -5days chart

Our Market Seems to be De-coupled from the rest of the world market as per today market performance.

The Dowjones(Both-DJI+DJA) seen a correction on 10th,and it remain weak may continue the weakness further.The 5 days chart above shown is clear.
Today our market opened in gap down and rose to the high.The Banknifty future attained a new high today 10078.,where as nifty failed to cross or finding it difficult to cross 5420 levels. when i see the nifty Advances -19, Declines-31 this shows nifty poised to a reversal mode.but the banknifty Advances -7,Decline -5 (out of 12) this shows the banknifty remain firm.This really conflicts when nifty fall the other index follow the same!! The world cue's are in -ive ours is moving up!!

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