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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great Fall in Banknifty and Nifty future today

In my morning post, i wrote about the world cue's and its impact on our market.We sold our longs in 9240 level (opening)and gone fresh shorts and covered 50% @9008 and rest we carried as positional shorts.

The Banknifty nifty High today was-9243.00 and days low was 8950.05( high to low-293 points) We have done selling at high and coverd 50% in 9000.00 level and balance shorts are in hand and hope to gain the maximum gain in postional shorts.

The Global cues seems to be worsening day by day.The world market and many scripts around the world have came down to the new low's. for E.g- The British petroleum company came down so much and attained its 18years low today.

I also heard in mumbai some dealer sold 'Ril' instead of 'icici bank' and Ril came down to 840 level and booked huge loss about 1.5 crores (5lakhs share).This message i have recived in my chat messages.

Anyhow play safe in all your trade.The market is just like playing with fire if you do not know how to handle it!! it may burn your fingers.
Nifty broken all its support levels and the market may slide further down on the coming sessions.

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