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Thursday, May 20, 2010

BankNifty Big Fall Ahead to 8600 Levels

Nifty and Banknifty was unable to move up. Today i have been observing huge selling took place in nifty around 5035 Levels.Banknifty we sold on every rise without SL and it broke the day low&high but was not able to sustains or touch 9300.00 Levels today.The pendulam was in swing up and down to hit all the stop loss of many traders today.It was more confussing one technically as it went to +ve divergence from -ive.It appears as if bullish in many times .
We have done a through study in all aspects of Banknifty Future and the near future seems to be very doom.The Technical factors are also indicating an intensive fall from the current levels about 600+points... (9200-600= 8600) So, be watch full in your intraday or positional trading.
i wish every one must make money with proper knowledge/Guidance.The 9340 is a transition point for the upside...Till this level any rise, one can sell with proper stop losss.

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