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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is going on...

Yesterday we wrote about the market..The ship is about to sink!! (The previous post down to this post). Today market was opened in gap down.No one could arrest like yesterday.We gave a pre-market view before the market opening.. we gave a tips market open in gapdown around 9670.00 level and asked to cover short that we have sold yesterday.Same thing happened though market opening was bit above, but traded exactly in 70 level and we just covered it.Not only that we also said..the closing will be down.( See the above intraday graph)

When the market was traded in 9690.00 we gave a sell call without stop loss and afterwards it came down to 9660.00level we have not covered it,hence we have place buy order in 9580.00level. Banknifty went up slowely and during the afternoon it gone to 9730+ was a real threat to all our if it will go to 9800+level..Tested so much and made our clients to sweat..Still they had so much faith in us and patiently waited till the closing as per our pre-market came down to 9615.00level many covered in 9625 and few others covered in 9640.00level.Any how there is more pain and more gain.
What will be the market tomorrow??
i will leave today the ball in your court...Give me your feedbacks in comments..Let me learn something out of it.

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