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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Day was a boon for many of our positional trader

Hi friends and fellow traders..
Today was a day of significance ' as far as our positional traders are concerned'....
Apart from intraday we do give tips for positional banknifty future-as an bonus for all our paid clients.We had a short on hand and last friday we were worried,.. certaintly the market shoot up and we felt we missed the chance,though technically we are right.The friday late news came out in the media about 'Golman' Sue's and the world market were instantly over reacted and were traded in read. After hering the news we were glad the world cue's are turned to our favour.That gave us lot of hope.
Today, before the market opening itself, we asked all our positional traders to place buy order at 9203.00level and it did'nt work and we had a chance to cover our short between 9220-40 level.Many of our clients are overwhelmed with joy.i like to give one of the clients mail here-
Mail from my inbox
Hello sir,
Thanks for the e-mail regarding bank nifty update.

Thanks for the care & all the support and in single positional short entry we will be making more than 15K what a great feeling….thanks

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"If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against."


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