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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nifty and Banknifty Futures

Today the market was very neat and all the technical indicators are tuned up in one particular direction..i.e the Uptrend. During the opening we alerted many of our people not to attempt any short in nifty and bank nifty future.Instead we gave a buy call at 9170.00 exact low of today and gave SL@9162.00.It worked very well and many bought at 9172.00 since, banknifty future stayed there for a longer time.
We have given a target @ 9246.00 and many trader where restless during the 9210.00 level and we told them not to do anything and the target will be surely achived today and it become true.When it reached 9230 level we have seen some thing in the graph that develops to a enguling bullish candle stick formation in nifty as well as bank nifty and asked many to remove the 9246 sell order and replaced it to '9272.00' and that was hit within a short span of time...There on the market was unusually bullish and gone upto the day high 9339.00.
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See the above graph of nifty and banknifty...look at the pattern how eratically it went up to the top of the ladder.
Last two day we were telling not to carry any fresh positions..because of the F&o closing and hope that would have saved many people money.

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