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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


At 12.04pm
In the market opening itself we have noticed some weakness in the market and we gave a sell call at 9520 and SL at 9526.00 that triggered in no time and still we insited not to go long and again gave a sell call at 9542.00 level. and in a hurry to cover our shorts and covered and booked profit around 5520 level and told to many brave hearts that the market will be down and touch 9470.00 few people were lucky to gain additional 40points.
We some how missed today, a good opportunity of booking 90 points profit in one stroke.instead we could made only 40+points...Now we asked to buy at 9460level and kept our stoploss @ 9444.00.Let see what the market going to offer....
Update at 12.35pm
The day is lucky enough for us..we ask every one of our clints to book profit in 9510 level and it was sold at 9530.00.No position on hand.70-points in one stroke.Just feel great.
UP Date at 1.37pm
We sold at 9528.00 and covered at 9502.00 >26 points profit
update at 2.10pm
Bought at 9470 and sold at 9512.00>42 points profit
Today we made a net profit of around > 190+ points.
That means if one would have gone 2 lots means- i.e. 100X 190 = 19,000.00/-as a net profit.
There are few clients of our's made more than Rs. 1-Lakh today just in intraday trade as per our tips.We are glad to notice our accuracy level and its progress day by day.

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