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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bank Nifty and Nifty Rally continues...

In my previous post (on 23rd, feb,2010 ) just below to this post we wrote that there is an indication we found in the charts that drive the market before/after the budget and lead a rally upto 300+ become almost true.The bank nifty is 400+points and nifty is around 250+points...Today nifty may face hurdle 5050level and cross over this level with volume may lead the nifty upto 5140+ and if sustain above this level may motivate another round of buy and the rally may continues to 5300+level.
Positional long trader can book partial/full profit today.if nifty find difficult to cross over 5070 level..(Gap Filling) if it trades beyond this and move ahead hold your long for few more sessions.
Bank nifty may move upto 9200 + level. Here, the present level is critical and book profit if you are in long positional and avoid fresh positional long.I recomend only intraday trade in baknifty at this present trend.

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