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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Source:- NSE INDIA

Bank nifty


Today Nifty and Banknifty -the day trading was choppy expect the ' last half-an-hour' it certainly went up to the peak.Especially the last 15 minutes it really rocked and created great panic among the bears.No body would have expected this certain boost.

Many went short and waiting to cover it at the end and the whole market twist everthing and many day traders would have lost so much of money,i really feel sorry for them.As usual i have recived so many desparate chat messages from many people who went short and unable to cover it.i really felt bad for them,and was unable to give reasons why this certain raise? i have no answer.What all factors that drives the market...Still need to learn so much from the market.I believe the learning never ends.

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